About the project

Contract number: 215366
Project acronym: COMOESTAS
Project name: COntinuous MOnitoring of Medication Overuse Headache in Europe and Latin America: development and STAndardization of an Alert and decision support System
Funding Details: Project Co-funded by European Commission - VII Framework Programme - Call ICT-2007.5.2: Advanced ICT for Risk Assessment and Patient Safety
Duration: 30 months
Starting date: January the 1st 2008

Appropriate delivery of quality healthcare requires constant monitoring of the patient during follow up, particularly in the presence of chronic diseases. This approach can be further improved if leading edge tools supporting diagnosis, as well as prediction, identification and monitoring of adverse events are available.About the project


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Main objectives of the project

The scientific and technical objectives will be considered achieved according to a set of measurable and verifiable indicators strictly related to project milestones, which will enable rigorous external and internal review.
COMOESTAS has 6 main objectives (detailed below).

  1. Developing a fully operational Interactive Electronic Patient's Record (IEPR)-based system.
  2. Favouring the uptake of EU standards in the ICT, scientific and management fields in Latin American Countries.
  3. Improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare systems.
  4. Increasing patient safety.
  5. Reducing the burden of disease.
  6. Reducing direct (consultations, hospitalizations, etc.) and indirect (i.e. linked to the disability and complications caused by the disease) costs of the disease.

Key issues

In the frame of chronic neurological diseases, Medication Overuse Headache (MOH) is a common condition and one of the most disabling disorders. MOH is curable, but its outcome is hampered by a high risk of relapse. It is, therefore, a perfect example of a disorder that can benefit from an ICT-assisted approach developing innovative systems and services for monitoring chronic conditions.

Technical approach

COMOESTAS aims to develop an innovative ICT system that allows patients with a chronic condition to receive continuous and personalized treatment. The whole system is based on an advanced, 'all-in-one' Alerting and Decision Support System, that follows the patient from the first observation and supports the physician in managing the therapy, controlling relevant events impacting on patient safety and activating specific procedures if selected thresholds are exceeded.

Technical Approach

Expected achievements/impact

COMOESTAS goals will be achieved by improving and integrating the traditional paper headache diaries and calendars into an innovative ICT tool taking into account the complex issues that accompany this peculiar form of headache, which will make the patient a key node in the entire process (Patient-centric Health Care System).


Coordinator contact details

Principal Investigator/Project Director: Prof. Giuseppe Nappi (FMPV)

Fax: +39 0382.380202
Tel: +39 0382.380311

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