COMOESTAS is the acronym of a research project funded by the European Commission within a call on Advanced Information and Communication Technologies for Risk Assessment and Patient Safety with the objective to develop an innovative computerized system that allows patients with Medication Overuse Headache to receive continuous and personalised treatment. The system will be based on an advanced Alerting and Decision Support System that follows patients from the diagnosis and supports the physician in managing the therapy and controlling relevant events impacting on patient safety.
The project is partially funded by the European Commission and is aimed at building cooperation, transfer of technology and demonstration activities in the area of alert and decision support systems based on Electronic Health Records between EU and Latin America.

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About the website

This website is part of the VII Framework Programme project entitled "COMOESTAS" and it has been created specifically as a means of disseminating the results of the activities expressly devised for the project and of gathering, integrating and disseminating results of current research activities in the field of Medication Overuse Headache (MOH). We do not intend to cover all issues related to MOH, we only aim at elucidating the main concepts about MOH and objectives of the project.
The site is aimed at physicians and at headache patients. All information of a medical nature contained in the website is provided solely as a means of spreading knowledge on MOH.
The information provided by the COMOESTAS website is designed to support, not to replace, the relationship that exists between the patient/site visitor and his/her physician.
Documents and Website content are regularly posted by the physicians of the Project Coordination Committee (PCC).
The project website also host a collaboration platform to perform fast and effective communication in the project and will serve as document repository for the partners involved, ensuring an easy retrieval of project documents.
Advertisements are not accepted.

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